2017. Busy year ahead.

Been missing for 2 months. Haven’t got the time to open up my laptop. Or i should say, i’d rather sleep then get on my laptop. Things been really hectic in the past few weeks. First it was the grand opening of Kilo Lounge, then Christmas, then New Year, then Chinese New year. Working crazy shifts. Getting home when the sun comes up. 2017 is gonna be a hectic one. I’ve put modelling to a halt now. Not because i’ve retired but i just want to focus of bartending now.

February is the month where i have to keep training and practicing. March i’ve 2 huge competition coming up. April i have to start getting ready for Colour in FLUX 2017 hair competition. And in July i’ll be modelling for Golden Sissors 2017 too. Its gonna be a wild one 2017.

Trying to keep calm. Haven’t been meditating and reading much either. Been really unhealthy. Oh wells. On the another hand i just visited the dentist after donkey years. Finally. It cost me a bomb. Now im back to being broke.

Valentine’s day in  a day. Just another day. Forever alone. When is that special someone gonna come into my life 😦

Peace out.


Happy 50th Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Time flies, he’s 50 years old now. As we grow older, we often neglect the little things in our life, like our family. We take them for granted all the time. I hope i can get successful quicker and so that they can retire early.

I’ve been stressed out for the past couple of weeks, had very bad breakdowns, but at this current state, im feeling better. I just visited my counselor and i’ll be meeting her more often for a regular period of time to lean how to manage my stress, and learn more about my own body, so i’ll know how to cope with difficulties if i were to breakdown again.

So much homework, so lame, so tired. So many photoshoots coming up which makes me happy tho. The Beaufort Street Festival fashion committee is back in action so im pretty stoked. Looking forward to volunteering for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival in the next 2 weeks too 🙂

By the way, i’ve created a Twitter account, so i could vent my frustrations, i hate Twitter, but oh well. Not gonna say what’s my user cause i don’t really care if people follow me or not, i just want a place to rant. If you wanna follow me, do it in Instagram @cherylcherrychoe and/or like me in Facebook at Cheryl C Model 🙂

Sitting in the library, so sleepy, i feel like falling asleep soon. 40mins more till work time. Nay. Need sleep 😦