8th Month

The mighty me has fallen. It’s been awhile since I felt so sick. Apparently I was told that it’s because I have a high immune system, hence I don’t fall sick easily. However if I did, it’d be very serious. Went to the doctors yesterday and was told I got infected with some virus. I feel so weak, and restless, and useless pretty much. My mental state isn’t very healthy at this moment too. I’ve been crying a lot. Feeling very down. I can’t even complete simple task such as grabbing food or combing my hair without being stressed out by it. My room is in a messy, I need to clean, but I’m so lazy, and can’t be fucked doing it.

When in times like this, I just sit and do nothing. I’ve to take so many medication that I feel so drowsy all the time. I just wanna curl up into a ball and hide away from the earth. I wish someone could cuddle me. Just a big warm hug, to make me feel calm again.

Today might not be the day that I feel good but that’s ok, cause I know the down time will pass eventually, and soon enough, I’ll be ok.

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