Half a year

Its been more than half a year since I last posted, I thought I’d pen down my thoughts and happenings on what has happened in the past 5 months. I flew to Kuala Lumpur to check out The Malaysia’s Giffard Cup, followed on by heading to Phuket for a competition, got 6th position internationally. Lost my phone 😦 Went to Macau for a guestshift. Working at Lounge, got 6th position for Goldwell hair competition 2017. Got some photos published on some magazines. Lost my phone, again, but founded by some kind soul. Got promoted, transfer to Kilo Kallang. Went to Ultra Music Festival. Fast for the first time. Celebrated Hari Raya. Did some crazy photoshoot, hung out my maternal cousins for the first time. Shot a commercial in Singapore.

So crazy, Im so lost. So much has happened. So good though. I feel sometimes I’ve sidetrack a bit but then again i know I’ll be back on track. July’s coming up. Hopefully a good one. Will try to keep my sanity and be more focus.

Good night world. x


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