December 2016

It’s been almost a month since i last posted. For some reason, im not working at that “happy” place anymore. It became unhappy. But hey, life goes on. Alex got to Singapore a couple of weeks ago and we went travelling around Thailand. It was one of the best time i ever had, even though we felt sick after eating something wrong and took turns throwing up and having diarrhoea. LOL. So good to see him again, it was a little strange and awkward at first, having to distant ourselves, but things went and we were very comfortable with each other. Sadly, he has gone back to the US, and im hoping i’ll be able to see him again very soon. So complicated, but yet so simple at the same time.

Anyway, i’ve got a new job, that i want to commit, it’s back to the nightclub scene, making g&t one after another, dancing the whole night. Couldn’t have asked for more. I’ve been reading heaps, i love reading, never thought i’d say that. And my life has been changing bit by bit for the better and im very happy with that.

Currently reading a book called “Busy” by Tony Crabble, and it made me look at things in a different eye which i hope to be able to share that with my fellow friends and industry mate. Will talk about it on my next post.

Be back soon 🙂


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