Positive thoughts

I don’t know what exactly happened, but i know it has gotta do with my current workplace. For once, i can confidently say that im in a very safe environment, very positive vibes going on, very encouraging people and very caring people.

I feel heaps better, physically, even though i have less than 6 hours of sleep everyday, and mentally. I haven’t shouted and talked back to anyone for the past week. Each time i get upset, or angry, i take a deep breath. It’s never easy to create this new habit but i try and try again. Putting in effort, making myself less upset and more positive.

I was told, when you get upset, usually it’s because of someone, your brain loses oxygen, hence you are unable to think properly, resulting in saying negative remarks, and words do hurt. So take a deep breath, and perhaps you can analyse what went wrong. Never ever flare up because you never want to stoop down to their level. They are not worthy of your time and energy to be upset about. Be the bigger person. Live and let go.

As the saying goes, your thoughts determine your success. Your thoughts will become your words, your words will become your actions, your actions will  become your habits, your habits will become your character, and your character becomes your destiny.

Many things have happened at home, and at work recently. But im glad and proud of myself that im able to control myself. Things will eventually get better.

Sending lots of love and positivity to every single human on earth. Be mindful, be strong, dare to make changes, be a better you.

Night night ❤


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