Autumn in Europe

Almost 2 weeks now in Europe, finally reunited with Alex šŸ™‚ It’s been an absolute blast, im so happy to be back again and spend time with him. Europe has never been on my plan this trip and its another surprise that this trip happen, just like Canada.

It’s been such a good break. No shoots, nothing, just resting heaps. Being a slob basically. Weather has been getting bad, by bad i mean cold, and i hate the cold, and its raining too.

We’ve been to Munich last week for 2 days and got to Oktoberfest, met up with my good ol’ mate Ken lil bro. Is in Stuttgart at the moment, went to the Volksfest, and visit Birkenkopf, where the highest point of Stuttgart is, also known as the rubble mountains, where you can find remains of what happened in WWII. We also went over to Ludwigsburg, another little city and coincidentally happen to have a street festival with so many food stalls which is my favourite.

Looking forward to Amsterdam this coming weekend and spending time with work-free Alex. Wishing we could close the distance real soon.

I’ll be back soon. Just being lazy now before i get flooded with work when i head back to Singapore.


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