Catching up

Just to catch up on what’s been happening on my trip. Im in London now. Busy city, cold, getting cold. VERY expensive. accommodation wise, its been hectic as usual, but im happy it’s getting sorted out and i’ll be safe till then end of the month.

About £33 for an unlimited public transport 7-day pass on zone 1 to 2. I’ve been using it to travel anywhere around London. Seeing many things. Some mandatory stuff such as the palace (from the outside of course) and to the Sky Garden to see the overall, so yea, pretty much seen everything already. Having severe face allergy at the moment so hopefully that will go off soon.

I need a well deserved break. Looking forward to the Europe trip, nice hugs and kisses from the lovely boyfriend. Being in a place where i know i’ll be safe, and someone to trust and rely on. Having a carefree mind to explore different places together and share lovely memories with each other.

2016 has been a very interesting one. Full of sadness actually. Not referring to me but the whole world. People falling sick, viruses around the world, many deaths going on. It’s been tragic. As for me, i’ve been thru heaps of shit, but then again no doubt there’s many amazing stuff that has happen to me too.

To my friends, strangers, anyone in the world, i wish, i hope, i pray, things will get better. Always (try) to look on the bright side of life.

Peace ❤


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