26 more days

Hiding in a tiny village, Littleton-upon-Severn, an hour away from Bristol, on the South West coastal line just across Wales, with only about 100 villagers. It’s so peaceful, so quiet. Im staying with Thomas and Ricky, whom i consider a family friend of mine when i was living back in Perth, together with their 2 pups, Judy and Edie. It was just a relieve when i met them, i knew i will be safe, not having broken promises, and a nice place to stay so i could recharge. Will be here for another 9 days, then i’ll head to London, where i will face many challenges again, hopefully friends that said they would help wont pull out on me the last minute.

I went to Bath yesterday for a day trip, very nice and old city.Went to the library to read some books and past time. Cooked Yang Chow Fried Rice and Cha Ye Dan (Tea Leaf Egg) for the first time it was a huge success. The only think i miss about Singapore is the food and my clothes, so bored wearing the same thing over and over again. I’ve been so tired and restless, just so bored already, just wanna head back home, just wanna be with my dear one.

26 more days till i get to Germany, till i meet Alex again, till i get to be in another safe environment with no empty promises made.

Time pass faster please.


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