Mid travels in west midland

Been away from home almost 3 months, im very tired and exhausted. I haven’t been posting much either cause im just so restless all day. Im sitting in a room now, in my photographer’s place, feeling a bit sick. Seems like im falling ill. The past 2 weeks has been pretty ok. After i left Leeds, i went down to Loughborough for a couple of days with an old mate of mine that use to live in Singapore. He had a spare room in his place and slept there for a couple of days.

Headed to Walsall after, where i am at the moment, a small town in the West Midland, just 40mins away by bus from Birmingham. This is my 2nd house im staying. Last week, i stayed with a lady name Lianna, she has been taking very very good care of me. Her house is very small and very clean. Very cosy little house. I felt so comfortable at home. She was very nice and make sure i get taken care of, makes tea for me every morning and dinner every night. We went out together in town for shopping, got me the best deals of everything, we also heading to Birmingham for a nights out with some other couchsurfer. So now im at my 2nd place, at my photographers place in Walsall too. Will be here for a couple more days and going to Birmingham city until the end of the month.

In terms of modelling, it has been great in the west midlands, had a couple of great shoots. Looking forward to more, and hopefully get more in London. I’ve also been meditating a lot lately, i feel a lot better now. Still have some bad days that makes me feel very low. But i’ll be better, hopefully.

Be back soon.


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