Being appreciative of life

During my travels, there are many days that i don’t do much, i usually just hang around at my host place, relax, enjoy the quiet times, repack my stuff, do some stretching, have a walk around the neighbourhood if the weathers good, or watch some videos. Basically just having some personal time.

As usual, just thinking about life, in general, what’s my plan for the next month, year, 2 years, 5 or 10 years, etc. At the same time thinking about my backache, i have to add that it’s horrendous. Anywhere starting from my neck down all the way to my back. It just killing me. I haven’t been sleeping on a decent pillow, or lay on a decent bed. The knots on my back is hurting me so much i just wanna lay down and cry, then again, it’s so uncomfortable when i lie down too 😥

Anyway, im just gonna write a few things now that i feel that im grateful about.

I have all my 5 senses, eyes to see, ears to hear, mouth to taste, touch to feel and nose to smell, even though my sense of smell is a pretty bad since young. Lol.

I have a roof over my head back in Singapore, and while im travelling now, i have friends, and host from couchsurfing that are nice enough to let me crash.

I have an education, and graduated from college and university.

I have a family, and my friends, and a lovely boyfriends, whose birthday is in 5 mins time as im writing this 🙂

Im grateful that i have the opportunity to travel the world.

The fact that im alive is just a reason for me to be grateful for.

I appreciate life, more than i use to. God bless everyone.


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