I pluck up my courage and tried to give “travelling model” a go. And im so tired now. I had 4 people who cancelled on me saying they could have me over to stay with them. And last minute something cropped up. It’s not their fault, but im just so tired and stressed for having to find someone host me at the very last minute.

I love english people, their accents, culture, and lives. I thought it’ll be fun to stay in the UK longer as i’ve more friends in the UK than in USA, but it turns out that my USA trip feels way better, especially the weather.

Im travelling alone now and i refuse to stay in hotels and hostels cause its expensive and lame. Airbnb in UK is ridiculous as well, almot the same price at hotels anyway. You pay for such an expensive amount of money and you dont really get to meet anyone on a personal level.

Couchsurfing, is what i’ve been doing, apart from the fact that its free, you feel home. You get to interact with people, and see what are they doing with their lives, learn their culture. That’s what i wanna find out, what do people do in their lives. You cant get that shit while staying in a fancy hotel room.

船到桥头自然直, as the english saying, Everything will turn out for the best; Let’s worry about it when it happens; thing will eventually turn out fine.

I hope heaven has a plan for me. I’ll pray.


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