2nd day in Liverpool and it has been an interesting one. Doing couchsurfing in a family’s place this time and there are 3 kids, all with autism. There’s one 14  year old that’s very intelligent but anti-social, a 13 year old that’s always asking questions, and a 4 year old one that always has meltdowns. They are all lovely kids and we’ve been hanging out together watching TV and playing Monopoly Hotels. Oh god that game is lethal. Lol.

This afternoon, i went out with mum and the 13 year old for shopping in the city centre and then went home to pick the 4 year old to his weekly play group session. Every kid in there has autism and it’s very surprising for me as i’ve never been in an environment with autistic kids, let alone about 30 kids with autism.

I admire the parents of these kids because they have such a big heart and they are very compassionate and patient. It can be very frustrating at times and i applaud them for being there for the kids. I wish there was more awareness for autism.

Anyway, tomorrow, host mum and i are going to Anfield! Yay! She won a voucher thru a raffle for 2 for a tour to Anfield and she’s bringing me along. I ask her why hasn’t she used it and she said her husband is a Manchester United fan, and her 14 year old is a Chelsea fan. LOL. Lucky me! And in the evening we’re heading to a laser tag game with the kids and a group of other autistic kids with their parents. So looking forward to that!

Meanwhile, im tryna sort out accommodation for Manchester cause Larry, my mate, told me he can’t at the very last minute. So im trying hard to find someone to host me now. Wish me luck!

It’s 12.26am here now and i might head to bed soon. It’s been a long day. I’ve been lucky to have the dining room all to myself with a big sofa bed in it. Night world. Missing u heaps Alex! ❤


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