Hello UK

Sitting in the lounge room, it’s almost 3am. Just sorting out some stuff on internet. Network here is so slow cause im in the village. Currently staying in Lymm, a small village near Manchester. It’s been a week since i got here. I met Bruno when he was travelling Australia, he was staying at the backpackers near The Court, the club i was working at when i was living in Perth. He’s back in the UK and is very kind to host me at his parents place! Ate heaps of vegetables and fish, they are pescetarian, hence i’ve been eating very healthy food. Bruno took me out to check out Liverpool and Manchester, and Lymm of course. Met some of his mates and Elliot, is very nice to drive us up to Sheffield for a couple of days. Beautiful country, beautiful landscape. Just that it keeps raining and it’s cold. Gloomy weather most days and the sun seems rare. But its beautiful when its out!

Have been chatting and video calling with Alex as well, it’s great hearing from him. Miss him so much. This whole long distance thing is not going to be easy, and being me, with some personal issues, is trying my best to work things out. Alex has been very patient with me. Cant wait to see him in Germany, and his leave is approved so he’ll be coming Singapore in November! Cant wait! Love u. x

Heading to North Wales tomorrow and leaving for Liverpool on Monday. More adventures coming up!


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