… Finally back in Voorhees

It’s been about 5 days? i think, that i left Alex and went on for my last league of my tour. I don’t wanna write it in details it hasn’t been amazingly pleasant. I guess there was many thing into more than just couchsurfing. I’ve learn heaps. There has been good and bad. I don’t go out much any, but i’ve been to a couple of really beautiful places when i was staying at Reston, VA. And the view when i was staying at Baltimore was magnificient that i didn’t even bother going out. Not that i had plans anyway. Travelling is actually very tiring.


Great Falls, Maryland / Virginia


McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area, Maryland


Tindeco Wharf, Baltimore, Maryland

Finally back in Voorhees with Alex, i feel so amazing. It’s been great having to sleep with him in the same bed and then wakeup to him giving me a kiss on my lips. Im looking and so not looking forward to do the whole long distance. It’ll be hard but i have confidence in us. I guess only time will tell. 4 more days to the UK.


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