The unexpected Canada trip

Went back to NJ last week just to i could see Alex, and he took me to Canada. We drove thru 8 hours by the mountains in Pennsylvania and New York before we reach Niagara Falls. It was like a dream come true. It was so beautiful. You could see birds flying pass the waterfall, and the sound of water when it splashes onto the river. The mist covering hovering around the waterfall. It just seems magical. It’s a dream come true.

Heading to Stony Creek, where Alex’s parents live, it was pleasant, and quiet. Stayed a couple of days and we heading down to Toronto, and Mississauga after to hang out with Alex’s mates. They were all Asians, pretty weird, but cool weird. Im just gonna skip out the part where we partied and i got completed wasted and had memory lost.

Back to USA we go yesterday, another long pleasant drive. We talked. So many emotions. I love him so much. Last day here in Voorhees, and im heading to Virginia tomorrow, and Baltimore for my last leg of USA trip. Not looking very forward to UK now.

Speak soon. x


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