Not so happy 4th July in DC

Sitting on the floor, drinking tea and using my laptop on the coffee table. It’s been a very dark and gloomy day. It’s raining, there’s a thunderstorm, it’s cold. The fireworks are most probably gonna get cancelled. It’s not like im planning to go to the central city to see any parade or what not. Im staying in this cosy apartment with a nice balcony that has a nice view. I can even see the Washington Monument from afar.

It’s been pleasant having to chat with my host, he’s a very knowledgable elderly man, who is also a journalist and a lawyer. We had a walk through the Rock Creek Park, apparently it’s the largest urban parks in the world, and also shared our life experiences and i’ve learnt so much. He gave me 2 books, which i’ll read it soon hopefully, haven’t even read “The Power of Now” that i bought months ago. But he said it’s suppose to be a life changing experience and im looking forward to it.

I was supposed to head down to Washington DC on the 1st July, Friday, i only ended up here last night. It’s been a crazy event. I ended up staying in Voorhees in South New Jersey, a bit longer, and i also made it to Kill The Noise concert at Union Transfer in Philadelphia. Not only did i went rock climbing and also watch the sunset at Atlantic City, i spent my time doing all these activities with this person, which i would say, my partner-in-crime.

I guess that “time” always happens, when you are not specifically looking for a relationship (even though i always complain about not having a partner, but obviously i wasn’t in need of one), and then the right person comes along.

Obviously i’ve went on dates with quite a few number of guys, and sometimes if i find them attractive in many ways, i fall in “love” with them, “infatuation” would be the right word. I look pass their flaws, and think i wouldn’t mind going out with him, that means, to be my boyfriend. It’s weird how the term “dating” is used in different ways, such as, im seeing this guy, im dating him, equates to im fucking him, but he’s not my boyfriend. You know what i mean anyway. Anyway, this guy, is so special. It’s weird. I have so much to say, yet i don’t know how to say it. But i feel that he’s the one.  I even told my mum. That’s how much i feel about him.

Im in DC now, drinking tea, and using my laptop, and everything that’s in my mind is him. I want him to be here with me now, snuggling me in this weather. I want him to be with me when i go on an adventure cause i want him to experience what im going thru. I think im in love with him.

Happy 4th July anyway. God bless America.


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