Last day in “Philly”

Came to Philly last Friday and went out to Doctor P’s show at District N9ne. Ray, my host came with me. We had a blast. I cannot believe but i actually passed out for the whole of Saturday and only woke up on Sunday. Lol. The rest of the week was pretty sweet. Pretty quiet actually. I met a couple of people. Went to a lot of places. Got lost in the hood while trying to check out this abandoned building.

Things took a turn when i decide to head back to New Jersey, staying in Vorhees, a little town. I’ll be here in my last night and heading to DC tomorrow evening. There’s this gig i wanna go on Saturday and im heading to DC tomorrow for but i just might get flicked by this photographer on the weekend and its pissing me off.

Im sitting right here in the house and heading to Alantic City, again. I hope it’ll be a good one 🙂

I’ve been spending many days together with this boy, and again, this whole falling in love thing seems to be happening, again. Pffft. Always meeting people who are awesome when you don’t belong to the place they are at. Watching a series of How I Met Your Mother last night,  and there’s this scene where Ted said something about always having hope that the next person you meet will be the last.

I feel so lost.


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