Life comes at you

You never know what life throws at you. Yesterday arvo, i was on my way to the beach in Alantic City, and just when my host was to take a right turn and head to the Trump’s Taj Mahal carpark, we got into an accident. The passenger’s side of the car was pretty trashed. The front window where i was sitting at was all shattered, the side mirror was broken, then door handle on the back seat flew away and massive scratches all over the side. Thankfully, the car was still able to function, no one was hurt, we only had some minor scratches and cuts. Needless to say, we didnt make it to the beach, and had to head back home to sort out the insurance and stuff. Never will i thought that i’ll be involved in an accident while on a holiday, but it did. Life’s too short. Be content. I will not say be happy, because happiness is an emotion, we’re allow to be sad at times. But in order to achieve more happiness, we need to be content with ourselves. Do what you think you should do, live your dreams. Travel the world. Have no regrets.


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