Part 1 of New Jersey

Tonight is the last night im staying in Union. I’ll be heading down to Haddon Township tomorrow! It’s a little town near Cherry Hill, South of NJ, very close to Philadelphia!

It’s been a great week, very quiet, chill. I went out alone to Paddy’s Place, a bar up the road from Frankie’s. James came by and pick me up after, and he brought me to a bar in Asbury Park. Such a pretty place!

Oh and last week, Frankie brought me to Pergola, a shisha lounge in NYC and we hung out with some of his mates, and i ended up bringing a plant home. LOL!

Just had a BBQ at Alex’s place, he’s the first person i got to USA! He commented on how good my tattoo was and we started chatting, and this evening i went over to his place for a traditional Colombian BBQ! He’s originally from Colombia and resides in NJ now, so i told him i’ll hit him up when im here and i did! Had a very pleasant day!

Im sleepy now and i just wanted to write down what i did before i procrastinate again. And im so proud of myself šŸ˜€

Good night! Oh! and Happy Fathers’ Day!! x


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