My life. My dream. My Future.

Im travelling the world, trying to find myself, that’s what we all do isn’t it? I realize i have so much to do, actually more like wanting to do. I wanna fulfill my dreams.

I use to do cool shit, such as being in a choir, run, played volleyball, played in a chinese orchestra, played the piano, draw, did fashion design. I just stopped, because i wanted to focus on studies, get a business degree and get a job after my education and then buy a house, start a family and slave for the rest of my life.

Currently in the states, fulfilling one of my many dreams, to be a travelling model. Im not the best, but at least i did it. I’ve been to more places than my peers, meet more amazing people than those living in the small city where i come from. The different places im staying at also gave me an idea of what i want my house to look like in future!

Anyway, i just wanna write down a long list of things i wanna achieve in my life. At random times while walking on the streets or watching TV, a thought came up in my mind and it seems to last forever.

I wanna learn so many languages! Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean

I wanna pick up new activities! Muay Thai, Parkour, Graffiti

Own a bar/cafe and backpackers inn chain all over the world! And a clothing label that’s internationally recognized, fashionable and affordable to

Get into property investment. Own a 3 storey house, each level can be a single bedroom apartment or a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. Have apartments in Singapore and Malaysia, houses in Perth, and a villa in Bali, etc.

Oh the dreams. One day i’ll make it. Gotta start getting a savings and investment plan.


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