Bye NYC Hello NJ

Sitting in a nice house in Union, New Jersey, im watching King Kong on TV now, whereas Frankie just left for work. His family has been very nice to me. It’s crazy how much the suburbs reminds me of Perth. The shops, houses, laundromat, everything is so similar! Except the left hand drive.

2nd day here and its been quiet, which i absolutely needed it. It’s been so different compared to New York City. Everything is so busy, heaps of apartments, shops, bars and restaurants. Pretty much every street in Manhattan or Brooklyn are always filled with people.

New York City, it’s been a tremendous experience, i met heaps of people, fall in love with them. Now leaving is so hard. I hate it when im able to settle down so fast in a new place, and then have to leave again after i get so committed to the place. I feel as though i don’t belong anywhere 😥

Anyway to round of some tips in NYC:

Transportation – Get a 7 day unlimited Metrocard. It cost $30. I got a normal Metrocard and had to top up so many times which ended up paying about $60 to $80. Could have save so much. Each subway (train) ride cost $2.75, be it 1 stop or 20 stops. So be smart! Try to walk! Download the NYC subway application. It shows you all the full map, a bit complicated at first but easy to get the hang once you get it. Oh, and remember once you go underground, there’s no reception at all. Haha 😛 So what i do is i google maps where i wanna go and then screenshot it.

Food- There are a lot of places with cheap food. For example, i had 5 dumplings in Chintown for $1.25. And i went to the groceries to grab meat, eggs and pasta and mass cooked them and put it in the fridge. Basically ate the same thing for many days but hey, it saved me heaps! That’s what you do as a budget traveller 😀

Accommodation: I was very blessed to stay at Todd’s place. He’s my host. Im basically on couchsurfing. It’s hard to explain how it works, and it may come across very unbelievable. But do go check it out!

That’s about it! So how i came to NJ, i took the PATH train from World Trade Centre, and used the Metrocard (this doesn’t work on the 7 day unlimited), but basically i swipe the card and it just deduct about $3? or $2.75 if im not wrong, so pretty cheap! And then caught the NJ transit that cost about $2.50 for 1-way. Just remember that NJ doesn’t have a bus/train card system so be prepared to have $1 bills at all time! I had to take the bus from the station to Frankie’s place and it cost me $2.55. I only has $2.50 with me and the driver was kind enough to let me pass through 🙂

Basically that’s about now. I’ll post something on later. Hope the rest of the week goes well! x

p/s: if possible do not get a local sim from the airport. They will charge you extra $20 or $50 i cant remember, to activate the sim, that’s what they claim. This is NOT normal. But i had to anyway cause i didn’t had data roaming and i needed to get in touch with my host once i landed. Just remember it and thought i’d note it down!


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