The best city in the world

A week in the city and it feels like home, probably it’s because i can’t be fucked going out too much. I don’t have an itinerary during my stay at a certain place. My idea of travelling is not to visit every touristy sites in the world. Its to meet the locals, make friends, know their culture and live like them. Im not ready to spend money just to get on top of the Empire State building, nor to pay to take the ferry to see Statue of Liberty up close. Not that rich yet, one day. Im sure the view will be spectacular! But yea, no spare cash to spend. But of course, these are the things i’d say it’s mandatory. So i definitely will visit, but i’ll just appreciate it from a far, take a selfie at the bottom of the Empire State building. You know what i mean, being budget, to put it simply.

My week was pretty chill, i met heaps of people, and travellers, went to some bars, and Webster Hall for Bassment Saturday, to get my Dubstep fixed 😀 It was very expensive, $35 for cover without any free drinks. But the drinks were of a decent price. $15 for a shot and beer. Not too bad. A bunch of couchsurfers moved into my host’s place too so it’s fun hanging out with them and share experiences between each other 🙂

Apart from that, my daily life here was to go for some shoots, which means going to random places and explore! Oh and also i got to go attend a free concert performed by Gary Clark Jr. All thanks to Frankie! Despite being called the last one out cause he had no friends to go with. Lol. Still a winning for me! Looking forward to stay with Frankie in New Jersey! I met him and James when i was travelling from Bangkok to Bali and we made friends!

Anyway, i went to Flushing, Queens, best Chinatown in the USA, and had really amazing hotpot, attended a concert at Bowery Ballroom, walked on both Williamsburg and Brooklyn bridge, and almost died, Lol. Saw Statue of Liberty far far away on Williamsburg bridge. Walked through Times Square, walked pass Empire State building. Went uptown to Riverside Drive. Club at Webster Hall. I think that’s pretty good.

NYC is said to be the best city in the world, no doubt im sure, but as a city girl, every city is still a city, just different shapes and sizes and colours of the building. I love the fact that there is freedom in this city, people sing and dance do what they want. Ride bicycle topless, party alone and no one judges. It’s great! Im looking to head south in this later part of the trip and visit the more rural side of USA. Can’t wait!

It’s 2.13pm at this very moment and its a beautiful day. Probably head to Central Park later and gonna have ramen at Chinatown in Manhattan. Have a great Sunday!

Peace. x


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