The first of USA

I arrived to John F. Kennedy Airport at about 11.20am yesterday. I was tired obviously, but i didn’t feel any jetlag. Not that i know how it feels like. I haven’t suffered from it before. The furthest place i’ve ever travelled to was to Melbourne and Sydney which was only 3 hours differences. It’s only the 2nd day, so we’ll see how that goes! I might get hit on day 3. Not that im worried anyway. Im used to unearthly sleeping hours and bad sleeping habits, and im a self-proclaimed sleeping goddess, so i can stay awake as and when i want and just go to sleep anytime when i need to 😀

Anyway,  the flight from Singapore to Jeddah to NYC was a very smooth one. Took me 30 hours, 8 hours on the first half, 8 hours layover, and 12 hours on the 2nd half. I was on board with Saudi Arabia airlines (*insert Arabic jokes). It was really peaceful and quiet. Really nice. It was one of the best flight i ever had. From Singapore to Jeddah, i was sitting by the window with a lady by the aisle, with no one between us. Had a couple of chat with the lady and she’s actually a tour guide and bring a group of 30 over people to Mekkah for prayers. She told me it’s not a place that tourists can go, and it’s pretty much a once in a life time experience only. Very very interesting. It was a very pleasant flight with massive space between us. Very comfortable. They even gave out a handy kit with heaps of stuff such as socks and toothbrush and an eye mask for sleeping. Great movies selections and awesome food too! It’s so good. Not that i would know how good or bad plane food are because i usually travel with budget airline 😛

So once touched down, it was an 8 hour transit. In a place without wifi, really shitty internet at the lounge. So boring and cold. At least they gave me hot tea and a free meal tho, so it wasnt too bad. Lol. I started talking to 2 dudes from the same flight as me, 1 from France and 1 from Melbourne, both of them were heading to Paris after and they had about a 5 hour layover, so we hung out together, sitting on the floor and chatted, before i head back into the lounge to have a nap while waiting for another 3 hours to go pass. Did i also mentioned that i was pretty much the only Chinese there, with the most colourful hair. Haha!

Finally back in the plane, had the whole row to myself, amazing, food, service, entertainment was great as expected. No alcohol, but i don’t drink on a flight anyway. Took a couple of sandwiches from the buffet station. Slept through, watch movies, stood up for a good stretch, went back to sit down. That cycle went on for 12 hours pretty much.

Finally touch down, weather was great, people was nice, met a dude on the train to my couchsurfing host’s house, from Columbia originally but lived in New Jersey now. Chatted all the way and made friends. Oh, and he’s also a photographer too. Haha.

Anyway, got to my host’s place, had a good rest, we then took a walk along the Williamsburg’s Waterfront and the already closed foodfair. Lol. We then head to the butchers to grab some meat and it started raining so we headed back home. Was still very sick and tired, so i went to bed at about 8pm and woke up this morning at 7am. Feeling much better now. Looking forward to the rest of the week before i head down to New Jersey next week!! 😀

Have a great week ahead everyone! 🙂 x



8 thoughts on “The first of USA

  1. Hey Cheryl, welcome to NYC! We blog about things to do and eat in the city so maybe you can use it as a resource while you’re here. We have family in Malaysia so we’re very familiar with the looooooong flights, though we’ve never flown via Jeddah so that’s pretty interesting. Hope you have a wonderful visit! 🙂

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