Missing April

In the blink of an eye, April is gone, and i havent posted anything at all. Left my old job at FOC restaurant, now helping my ex-boss, also current boss to set up a new cafe. Its been hectic, but im sure its gonna pay off, very soon.

Life’s meh, as usual, nothing fancy. Im so restless, hence i procrastinate heaps, then i don’t get work done, then i get upset, then i binge eat, then i feel tired, and restless, and the whole evil cycle happens again. pfft*

Its 1.40am, i should be sleeping. The last 2 nights has been a pleasant one. Tonight seems a bit more quiet, even though there are 3 other people sleeping in the same room. I just can’t bring myself to go to bed cause i’ll be awake with the lights and all. But my eyes are on the verge of closing. So good night. Updates soon.



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