Failing at relationships

I don’t need a boy in my life. But I’d die to have one. Society claims to be happy with your life and someone will eventually come. But for some reason. That has never been the case. I try to do my very best in life. Which makes me wonder what’s wrong with me.

I’m an independent woman and I do well in my life. But its weird that I function even better when I’m attached. But its also weird that sometimes my brain just rejects anyone that wants to step into my life and I cannot seem to comprehend that.

I met this guy recently. Tall. Attractive. Charming. My type of guy I’d just say. I don’t know where things are heading. But it sure made me feel something that I haven’t experienced in a long long time. I like him. To put it simply. I really really like him in fact.

Society said it’s not worth getting upset over anyone. But i just can’t help it. It’s complicated.


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