Australasia Tour 2016

A string of unfortunate events happened in the last quarter of 2015 and i just decide to just not to deal with this so called adult shit and hence tender my resignation as a full-time bartender and convert back to part-time. So i decided to be a full-time model instead.

One fine day, seated in front of a computer for more than 6 hours. I decided to just book a few flights tickets all in a row. Starting off in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, then to Bangkok Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, then made my way to Aussie land in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and finally back to Singapore for Chinese New Year.

There’s something about Ho Chi Minh City, commonly known as Saigon, which i cannot explain, but it makes me abolutely love the place. I had the opportunity to make my way to Can Gio, a costal suburban district off Saigon, climb a tall structure and see the sun almost setting and rented a bike to ride around the city. The 2 outdoor locations that i had my shoots were amazing. One of them was in a Mangrove at Can Gio, of course i couldn’t have images of that cause we had to literally climb on the trees. Amazing experience tho. Another location was an abandon building in the city itself, which was pretty crazy as it was at just at the side of a busy street. It wasn’t hard to find at all. I was by the local photographers that this building has been left unmaintained for 10 years as the government wanted to claim it back and demolish it, but unfortunately some of the residents couldnt agree with the amount of money that the government offered so they have just continue to live there. As years goes by, more families have slowly move out and till today, there’s only a handful of them left.


a common site on the streets of Saigon


at the top of a bird sanctuary


a river in Can Gio


boats lying on the river


rusty letter boxes


unusable lifts


dusty sofa


late night along Pham Ngu Lao

Bangkok, another big city that somehow reminds me of Singapore probably about 10 to 20 years ago. Fast pace, efficient train network, cheap food. I made an unexpected trip down to a little island, that was bigger than Singapore, called Koh Chang. Beautiful place, recommended by my host and his mate. Insist i took a 5 hour bus ride down even just for a night. A spontaneous trip i made, did not book anything in advance, woke up at 6am and went to the bus terminal to buy the bus and ferry tickets, got to the island and went door to door at different hostels to find accomodation. I never regret making that trip though. That little short trip itself made me realized how quickly life goes past and how huge the world is.


stray dogs


rundown building


victory monument by day


victory monument by night


lonely beach at koh chang


my travel company

Had a quick drive down to Serangan and Ubud and some secret beach to see the scenery and art sites, then back to mainland Kuta and Seminyak for the night. Bali has by far one of the most beautiful sunset i’ve ever seen. It was a bit of a fortunate as well as an unfortunate circumstance that i didnt bring my camera cause i went to the beach, and my phone was dying, so i didnt get many pictures but it truely made me experience the whole evening. I had a very plesant company that day as well which made my evening very lovely. Went drinking alone at night and got drunk. Lost my phone for some reason but still had my phone cover, which was pretty lucky cause some of my cards and polaroids were there. No idea how i lost one of my contact lens too and i woke up with a huge scar on my leg. Till today i cant recall what happen but i guess it’s good as well.


a secret beach at serangan


geger beach at nusa dua


quiet road in nusa dua

I was home, felt like home, to me this place is where i belong. Home is where you feel relax and can be yourself, that’s what i felt like the moment i got off the plane. The few days i was there just felt like yesterday. I went for my photoshoots, drank with my mates, and went partying. The only time i brought my camera out was when i had a shoot up north near Wanneroo in the pines. The weather was amazing, clouds were beautiful, and the whole plot of land was cover in pine needles, it hurts when it poked me but the shoot was amazing and it was worth it!


pine trees


wanneroo pines

For some reason i didnt like this city as much as thought it’d be. Mainly because of the weather, no one told me that Melbourne has 4 seasons in a day. Things havent been smooth either, i had 3 shoots cancelled, didnt sort of my accomodations until i got there and had to stay in the backpackers. At least it was a good rest for me. Was good to catch up with a couple of friends and had nice food and drinks. Took the train down to Geelong cause i had to fly off to Sydney Avalon airport in a days time. Stayed in a really nice house that is walking distance to the beach. At night when it was really dark, you could see many stars shining. It reminded me of the times when i was in Denmark, WA, when it was cold at night but the sky was really beautiful.


graffiti in the city




st kilda beach


eastern beach at geelong

My last leg of my trip. I had so much fun. Went on an educational tour at archie’s distillery and tried out their vodka, gin and white rye! Didnt eat breakfast so was pretty tipsy after the tour and went to Icebergs at Bondi Beach for lunch. What amazing view it was! Had a walk down the Circular Quay to see the Sydney Opera House from afar and walk around the Sydney Harbour Bridge to pass time before dinner. My last night in Sydney was a great one at Chinese Laundry watching Dabow and Protohype. It was a great end to the trip.


archie rose distillery


cask aged


bondi beach


sydney harbour bridge


circular quay

And this is it, 6 cities all in 1 month. As the trip goes, the pictures got lesser and lesser, as it was mainly buildings so i didnt bother to take much. To see all other photos, click here ! One of the best time i ever had in my life. Currently planning my next trip. USA and UK, im coming for you very soon.


duckie on the flight back to singapore

I might not have anyone to travel with, but at least i have him! 🙂

Thanks for reading. Goodbye and good night! x


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