I scroll through my FB messenger late at night, wanting to chat with some people. Nothing in particular though. Couldn’t find anyone. A conversation usually starts with “hey, what’s up” and then ends after that reply, or a no reply.

I miss the days when we get off school and log on to MSN messenger, and chat with someone for hours. You could see if someone’s online or offline, busy or AFK (away from keyboard) , but now, people statuses appears with a green dot, or “mobile” . I dont even know if they are available to have a conversation with you.

Of course with 3000 over FB “friends” there’s bound to be someone to talk to. But sometimes you got to realize that most of them are not your friends, or you just dont feel like talking to them. The fact that most of my “friends” in FB are mainly people that are in the bartending and modelling industry as i use social media for work related purposes.

I miss the times when i can chat with someone over the phone for hours, then hung up and continue our conversation via online. Times have changed. Technology is getting better. Hopefully the lives of many is improving as much as how technology is improving.

On the other hand, life sucks. But after my 1 month trip of travelling and modelling. Things are amazing, planning my next few trips soon!


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