Ending of 2015

Sitting on my desk at 3:23am now, so many thoughts running thru my mind. Good and bad. This year has been a hectic one. Im glad its coming to an end. Time flies, it’s almost a year since i’ve been back, not liking it heaps but things have been going ok, sometimes.

Im looking forward to a new life, 2016 will be a better one, i hope. Im looking forward to my first tour as a fulltime model.

Jan Feb Tour

This ^ is what i’ll be up to in the next month. Im excited, and afraid too. But im just gonna live life as days goes by anyway.

I got another great news today, in regards to bartending and im feel so blessed with this opportunity. Cant wait to announce to everyone.

Every year end im sure we all come up with new year’s resolution and as much as i felt depressed throughout the most of 2015, im glad i did stick to my resolution.


8 out of 10 has been accomplished, mostly i’d say. Eating healthy is definitely gonna be on my top list, and my fashion show, i’d say its more of a dream that i would want to fulfill one day.

Anyway, when it comes to relationship, i don’t think im ready for one yet to be honest. But then they said things always happens when you least expected is. I hope it’s true. I don’t know when i’ll be ready, im just really lonely, i hate being alone. I just wish i can cuddle someone to sleep every night, and hope they dont get bored of me. I wish……


2 thoughts on “Ending of 2015

  1. Oh sweet heart. I was there myself. All i can say is, when you can be alone and not feel alone. That when you are ready. For now know that time is relitive and that we are ment to be here for a purpose and you have that. Believe in yourself and keep on being awesome like you are right now 🙂 XxThyda

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