Cannot explain how happy i am. I’ve been bedridden since Monday. So sick, felt like death actually. I thought i was gonna die. Lucky for mum, she took care of me. Lol. Anyway, finally i manage to get my ass up to do up my new website! And got it launch! It’s a new beginning, so i reckon i should start afresh 😀

Im still in the midst of sorting out my personal domain with the hosting website. Hope it’ll get sorted soon.

Im using Squarespace. It’s not only just a website builder, it has a blogging platform and a hosting service as well! How cool is that. I started designing my website last week before i fell sick and i was stuck with so many questions, and i kid you not, Squarespace has one of the best customer service ever! No bullshit automated emails nor getting back to you within 3 to 5 days. They literally replied me within a day! Sometimes hours or even minutes! It’s crazy. Anyway, check it out for yourself. Im really pleased with it 🙂

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