A new chapter

Finally tendered my resignation and is converting back to part time. My health is giving way, i feel sick all the time, both physically and mentally. Currently having a Kodomo fever patch on my forehead as im writing this.

Many has happened recently, and i guess a sign to move on. I’ve made a huge step in my life, i want to be a fulltime model, and now i am. Been trying to figure out if that’s the right thing i did, but i guess if i never give it a go, i wouldn’t know. Thanks to a few people that i met in life that gave me the inspiration and courage to do this, i’ve finally did it.

Also, i’ll be donating a sum of money every month to different charities, no reason why, i just want to be nice, and i hope to inspire people to do the same. We need the world to be a better place, every help counts.

Let’s see how this journey goes. 17 more days till a brand new year. Looking forward 🙂


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