Embittered Moonshine


FOC presents Embittered Moonshine. A cocktail to share. Hosted by La Maison Cointreau. So a couple of months ago, i entered the La Maison Cointreau competition not knowing that i would end up as one of the finalist. Of course i wasn’t that great, as i didn’t make it to the top 8. However, due to some unforseen circumstances, i was apparently the next in line and hence got called to be part of the finalist. It’s a mix feeling i would say, judging from the fact that in the first round, i did the 2 cocktails by myself, without the help of Dario or Shafik, my mentors, as they were both off that day during the final submission. So i think i did pretty well. But then if i knew i was 1 place off the top 8, i would have ball my eyes off. Haha. Moving on, round 2 of the competition is more of a social media challenge, based on publicity, not my kind of thing, but i guess i have to participate still right? Anway, competition ends in 13th December, so do come down to FOC at 40 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059679, to try out my cocktail. And please do take a picture and upload to any social media platform and hashtag ‪#‎cointreausg‬ ‪#‎lamaisoncointreau‬ ‪#‎embitteredmoonshine‬ !!


Embittered Moonshine

Cointreau 15ml
Moonshine (Glendalough Premium Irish Poitín) 30ml
Fernet Branca 25ml
Angostura Bitters 12.5ml
Lime Juice 30ml
Passion Fruit Puree 10ml
Mint Bunch

Shake and double strain.

Male version:
Straight up
Orange zest
*additional Absinthe spray on flame, micro-grate nutmeg and cinnamon for more scent

Female version:
Serve in crush ice
Orange zest
Cinnamon stick and mint sprig for garnish

Cheryl CHOE - FOC - Embittered Moonshine

#lamaisoncointreau #cointreausg #embitteredmoonshine

Based on the theme, a cocktail to share, i had to create a cocktail for a serving of 2. Instead of doing the usual 2 portions of the same drink in the same glass, i decided to make a couple version, i.e. a male and a female. The male version is serve straight up, hence more punch, and spirit driven, while the female version is served on crushed ice, the typical tiki style with loads of garnishes which looks pretty and fancy, which makes the drink very light and refreshing. Exactly the same cocktail but serve and taste very differently.

Cheryl CHOE - FOC - Headshot 2

Cointreau: A brand of triple sec, an orange-flavoured liqueur, France.
The production of Cointreau come from the partnership of Adolphe Cointreau and his brother Edouard-Jean Cointreau. Hence when i was told to make a cocktail based on “a cocktail to share”, the word “partnership” comes to my mind.

Prohibition Era: January 1920 to December 1933, alcohol was illegal in the United States.
You know when they said alcohol brings people together? That’s where the prohibition era then came into my mind as an inspiration. During the prohibition era, production, sales, transportation and importation of alcoholic beverages was banned thoughout the whole nationwide. This is when people tried means and ways to work together to get their hands onto alcohol. Thus, working together, partnership. I’ve decided to use Moonshine and Fernet Brance in my cocktail and here’s why…

Moonshine: Homebrew high proff White Whiskey. United States.
So during that era, people tried means and ways to make their own alcohol in their house, and its done at night when the sun sets so they won’t get caught. The alcohol is then consumed immediately and not put into barrels for aging. Hence it’s white in colour. Hence the name, Moonshine.

Fernet Branca: Type of Amaro, bitter, herbal and aromatic spirit. Italy.
Defying the law, Fernet is one of the alcohol that was legally sold in the States during the prohibition era. Mainly because it was heavily marketed as a medicinal bitter, and also the fact that it’s known as the worst tasting alcohol and they think it’s so horrible that people won’t drink it. LOL. Fun fact, it even came out on CNN! Read ‘Disgusting’ and ‘bitter’: The awful booze Argentina can’t get enough of.

Well. That comes to an end! Hope you guys enjoyed the story 🙂


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