Love : 爱

You get butterflies in your stomach each time you see that special someone. That peck on your lips for 1 second could make a bad day turn right. You would stay up late at night and wait for your special someone to come home from work so you can say good night. That snore you hear every night just becomes more tolerable as time goes by. Being silly for them is okay because it makes them happy. Somehow just by staring blankly at them can even bring a smile on your face. You would even take a bullet for them. The list of things you would do for that special someone just seems so endless.

Then again. You wonder if they feel the same way about you. Do they love you more than you love them? Just because they might not express their feelings openly as you do does it mean that they don’t care? Will they betray the trust you have for them? Or will feelings fade away? Should you plan for the future or enjoy the moment? Does “happily ever after” actually exist? Should you always be prepared for a heartbreaking moment?

Love makes you feel emotional. It makes you feel vulnerable. It opens up your heart and let someone you deem special come into your life. You get blinded by love. You fight. You care. You ignore. You cry. But every end of a night you try to fix things right.

Sometimes love isn’t just what it is. It might end with a broken heart. You whole world crumbles and you shut yourself completely. But maybe one day another person shows up to your life and tries to make it better. Hopefully.

Somebody once told me. If there isn’t pain there isn’t love. Love. The feeling of complexity. The feeling of contradiction. It’s unexplainable. It’s worth giving a try.


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