Bintan Spa Villa – 9th to 10th March 2015

It was a post birthday celebration for my dearest bestest girlfriend Laura Vuorio and we took our first trip down to Bintan for a 2D1N stay 🙂

Beautiful place, the beach was amazing, we even get a chance to walk to the nearest island. The massages and facials were so comfortable. In total, we only spend about SGD250! That includes transportation, accommodation, meals, massages and facial! How cheap is that? So much better than spending money on alcohol in Singapore which cost a million more times. Check out Bintan Spa Villa! It belongs to Celest’s mum too! She promised to give me discounts and extra perks next time i visit it again 😛

Check out some of the photos! Full album here! 🙂








Definitely need another trip soon 🙂


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