Vogue Italia

2 days down in Denmark, WA and it’s been an absolute pleasure. The weather is amazing, the people are friendly, the nature is wonderful. 3 more days left here before i head back up to Perth again. Gonna snap more pictures within these few days and upload them when i get the chance 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying my trip so far. Lol. Photos are not fantastic even though im using such a good camera. Haha. And also preparing for Christmas 🙂 I’ve been blessed to still celebrate with Jarrah and his family. Have a getaway at the country side before heading back to Singapore.

Anyway, im so happy that my photo has been published online by Vogue Italia 😀 It’s not in the typical traditional printed but hey, having a Vogue logo on it is pretty impressive. Well, for me it is! Haha 😛

So here it is 🙂


Im really happy. It’s a huge accomplishment for me. I hope i can go far with my shoots and all. Getting old. My youth is diminishing. Haha. Have a good day everyone 🙂



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