Music 101 – Digital DIY

With all the latest technology, social media plays a massive role in marketing. It’s pretty much a MUST for musicians to create a Facebook fan page for themselves, or a Twitter/Instagram account. It has become the only way to interact with their fans. I remember a couple of years back, MySpace pretty much rule the world in the music scene. Right now? It’s dead.

I had the privilege to attend the WAM conference hosted by Scott Fitzsimons, from The Music, with panellists, Alex Paioff from Pilerats, Yvette Myhill from AAM, Larry Health from The Au Review, and Lorrae McKenna from Remote Control. During the conference, they touched on topics like what should you post online to get more interactions from the fans.

There are heaps that i’ve learnt from them and i want to share. Im just gonna list them down in bullet forms so it’s easier to understand.

Check out other artists similar to you

Learn from other people. See how they market themselves. Do research on other artists that might fall into the same genre as you and maybe you aspire to become like one of them.

1. Know your target market

Some bands realized that they receive more interactions with their fans through Instagram, so they’ll post more pictures there. While some prefers the “gossips” and may gain more twitter followers there instead.

2. Chose you platform

When you know your target audience, and know which social media platform is more beneficial to you. Use it and make it grow from there.

3. Connect and interact

It’s important to get in touch with your fans cause they are simply your fans. Without them you’re useless. The panelists also shared the real story of how sometimes when the artists replies to a fan’s comment, it’s not them personally. It’s usually their marketing person. Then again, as a fan, it still feels good to receive such replies.

4. Check your analytics

Know when are you fans usually online. Get to know your peak period. If most of your fans are online between 5pm to 7pm, you don’t want to post stuff online at 3am in the morning cause no one will take notice.

5. Content

Do not post controversial stuff. It’d raise a lot of arguments which will then lead to negativity towards your image. Funny memes and videos are cool at times. Your fans know that you make music, but they also want to know about your personal life, sometimes. Posting videos of you eating a pasta or your band member got drunk and you guys are playing a prank of him. People love that shit.

With all these, fan will continue to grow and support you. In future, you can then organized a campaign for them to support you and help you to grow. I hope all these information are useful to artists themselves and their managers and event promoters 🙂


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