7 different types of friends

It’s a beautiful Sunday today. Not having to set your alarm and waking up to the sound of nature is the best feeling ever 🙂 I had only 4 hours of sleep on Friday night after work and had to wake up to volunteer for the Beaufort Street Festival yesterday. It’s an annual community festival where they close down Beaufort Street and hundreds of food and clothing stalls are set up. Music, art, fashion, food, everything you can think of actually!  There were so many beautiful people. It’s amazing. How i wish Singapore could have that.

I had the privilege to be part of BSF 2014 fashion committee and it was an absolute wonderful experience. Having to see the final product after months of planning is such a pleasant feeling 🙂 Anyway, i’ll talk more and post some pictures soon. So many events to update. Been so lazy. Haha 😛

Anyway, today’s topic is about “FRIENDS”! Yesterday i met a couple of amazing people, we got along well. Not sure when i’ll see them again but hopefully we will! So here are a couple of types of friends that we all have and im pretty sure we can all relate to it 🙂

1. The hi-bye

You met them at a party, hung out with them for 30mins or so, had a really great time. You guys might or might not exchange contacts but it doesn’t matter cause you’ll probably not meet up with them every again. However, cause the world is so small and somehow in life you always bump into people randomly, you might see them on the other side on the road and all you do is smile and wave. The most common conversations are:

“Hey! How’re you?!”
“Good! What about you?
“That’s great. Alright, got to go, catch ya soon!”

Nothing happens in the next 3 months.


“Hey, how’s it going?”
“Great! You?”
“Awesome! We should catch up!”
“Cya soon!”

Nothing happens in the next 3 months.


*Stare and wait for opposite party to see you
*Smile and wave
*Walk off

Then again you might see these people in  a bar or club then you guys might catch up at that time for a drink or 2.

2. Add each other on Facebook then never meet up again friend

Facebook is a very good tool to keep in touch with people. And on behalf of a lot of people i believe we all agree that we’re a slave to social media. Most people in FB have over 100 friends, but how many of them are real? Very similar to the hi-bye, this “add each other on Facebook then never meet up again friend” on the other hand is on another the extreme. Im guilty of this as well. Happens to me a lot when im doing a photoshoot. When i see a casting call for models posted by HMUA or Togs, and i try to apply, they will add me, then never get back to me. Lol. Or sometimes when i love a particular HMUA or Tog’s work and i’ve met them in person before, i add them just incase i don’t forget their name then i never get back to them and it’s just sitting in my Facebook for 13902509 years. But you don’t delete them off your list cause you might work with them in future, you never know. Most common conversations:


Conversations not found.

3. Regular friends

The usual girlfriends or bros you have in your life. You meet them occasionally have a coffee or beer, party, chill and hangout. Lots to chat and gossip. Talk about random shit basically. You get along with them. The girls will usually talk about hot guys or girls they met, or how bad their period cramps are or how long since they got laid. The boys will usually talk about cars or bikes, games or how hot was the chic or dude they just bang. You know what i mean. However there are broken down into 2 categories. Some will be there for you if you need help, and some don’t. But then again they’re still fun to hang out with.

4. Long-distance best friends

Im not just talking about the physical distance between 2 people. I have friends all over the world and we keep in touch via FB, Whatsapp or Skype. Im also referring to the friends that live in the same city with you, maybe a 10min drive away from you but you only meet up a couple of times a year. As we grow up, we all have our own jobs and life, some already has a family and is busy pretty much 24/7. I have a few friends that i only see them a handful times a year, but whenever we meet up, or get on Skype, it only seems like yesterday. You miss them. But you understand. And they are the one you know you can count on and they are just a phone call away.

5. Friends with benefits

I believe all friends comes with benefits, when you need companionship, you friend is providing you with their time, which is a benefit! When you’re upset and need someone to talk to, and they offer to lend a listening ear, that’s also a benefit! If you lost a pen and you borrow it from someone, they lend it to you, that’s consider a benefit too! So yea, you know what i mean. Not much explanation require. Deep down, we all know what the traditioal FWB means. According to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, physcological needs are the most important needs in human life. Such as air, water, food, and SEX! 😉

6. Classmates or workmates

You see them everyday, but they don’t necessarily classify as your friends. Some do, some are nice. My colleagues for example are like my family. I see them most days of my week and they are such beautiful people. I have a few classmates that i really like and are very nice people and i definitely do want to keep in touch with them after we graduate.

7. Random pop ups

They are usually FB friends, you normally don’t talk to them. But sometimes a messenger notification pop up and they say hi. No hidden agenda usually but just to chat. Last week, i sprained my ankle and posted on FB, and a few people who i don’t usually talk to send me a message asking me if im ok and to take care. Some might seem insincere, but hey, at least they made the effort to click on your profile, and message you.

There you go! That’s about it! These are all written based on my life experiences. I hope you enjoy and had a good laugh 😀


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