Music 101 – The reality of the music industry

This post was supposed to be done a month ago but due to my laziness it got delayed. DUH!~ 😛

Anyway, this was my first interview with Matthew Johnson from Walking Horse on the 23rd September. Big thanks to Scott Adam, my lecturer for giving me the opportunity and introduced Matt to me, and Matt is kind enough to give me the opportunity to do some weekly work experience at his office. Really great experience i had for the past couple of weeks 🙂

So when i first met Matt, we were just having coffee at Greens and Co. Just hanging out, chatting about the Perth’s music scene. Funny enough, he used to be a student of Scott’s too. So you can imagine how old is Scott now. Haha. It’s amazing to have a student that is successful in the music industry. I remembered that day was the same day as our Richmond Street Record label launch party, and prior to the event, the class was in chaos, everything was messy. Being an organized person, i get so frustrated, i went to my counsellor complaining how unorganized the course was and all, and how 2 of my lecturers doesn’t seem to match what they were saying most of the time. So i asked Matt a question, “Is the music that messy?” He replied “yes.” It was then i realized i couldn’t care less about what my lecturers say sometimes cause at the end of the day, as long as i know im doing things right, its alright.

Next, i asked him about planning events, putting on gigs and all, cause ultimately, my “dream” is to be an event organizer, putting on music events and stuff. Im not really into record labels and all. I love music, but not really a band person. I love heavy bass electronic tunes 🙂  He told me that usually he takes about 6 months to plan a gig, latest time notice would be 3 to 4 months, but that’s not very good. In this 6 months, there are heaps to plan, but then again, things doesn’t always go to plan.

Secrets! In the business world, there are many unique ideas and plans, and often people keep these secrets to themselves because of being afraid that other people might steal their idea. Then again Matt told me, depending on what it is. Sometimes there can be fantastic ideas roaming around, it’s just a matter of whether will people do it or not.

So in summary, what i’ve learn from him that day are:

  1. The music industry is super messy.
  2. Things don’t go according to plans all the time, which leads to point number 1.
  3. You can share your ideas but don’t give them away.

There are still so many things i want to share, will update soon 🙂

Good night.


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