Updates on happy days

It’s been awhile since i last posted, apart from my music assignment post that i did yesterday. I’ve been so busy with assignments, work and photoshoots. I have classes from Monday to Thursday morning, work from Wednesday to Saturday night, and photoshoots on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. I don’t even get a day off. Fortnightly Monday im also involved with the Beaufort Street Festival fashion committee meeting. I still try my best to hit the gym on Monday and Tuesday after class if possible. Gotta make full use the gym membership 🙂

I love what im doing though, no complains, just having lack of sleep, which caused me to break out a little. GAHHHH. But then the makeup artists are able to conceal them during photoshoots so it’s all good. Haha 🙂 My busy schedule has definitely kept me occupied after the breakup. Im feeling a lot better too. Im turning 24 this Thursday too. So excited, i got a night off work on Thursday and a Saturday too. Yay! Gonna meet up with a couple of friends for dinner and drinks, keeping it simple. I have been visiting Kym, my counsellor regularly as well, just to hang out, chat about me mental issues. Stressing out in life, as usual. Life of a student.

So just updates on what’s been happening lately…

1. I got a $100 bonus on my pay check cause i’ve reached 10 stars on fastest sales! 😀

2. I got a paid gig for getting my hair cut for a short film.

3. I had the honour to shoot for Lisa Polini, an award-winning hairstylist representing Hype Hair Studio for the Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA).

4. I got my septum pierce :3

5. Got another editorial publication in Freque Magazine Volume 15 for October’s theme SFX Makeup and Photography.

6. And tonight im having a shoot tonight at Ze Photography, with Ze Weng Wong, an award-winning photographer and together with Lisa Polini again 🙂

I’ve been meeting a few new people and made a couple of friends too. Happy days ahead. I feel much better.


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