Music 101 – Artist Income Stream

Today im gonna be talking about artist income stream. It’s on how musicians/artists generate income within the industry. I’ll be answering some questions for my assignment so hopefully if anyone is interested you get to learn something.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.23.34 AM

The diagram above demonstrates the 4 main income streams of artists and how the other sectors are involved and paid. It also presents how copyright works are involved in each stream.

Im doing this assignment based on my Tafe band, The Immolation Scene, they are a fairly new band, which i believe have a lot of potentials. However, they are still young and might not be committed to it. Check out their Soundcloud. Im personally not into metal sorts of music, but their lyrics of the songs relates a lot to me.

  • Which activities/ streams is the artist currently active in? Artist/Band
  • Is the artist ready to tap into the income stream? Yes
  • How do their memberships to copyright collection societies have relevance to these income streams? They have signed up for APRA.
  • Who are the copyright owners involved in each stream? They had a gig once at YMCA HQ Leederville, and i believe it falls under “Gigs”. It was a small gig that was formed together by a few other bands and there was no booking agent, so the copyright owners involved are just the venue, bands/artists and the songwriters themselves.
  • What do you think about these income streams and how does it influence your attitude towards illegal downloading of music? After learning about copyright for the past weeks in the course. I’ve learnt that there are so much money from the royalties floating around because the artists hasn’t claimed it. Then again i spoke to many young artists in regards to royalties and they simply said that it’s too much effort to go through just to claim that few cents/dollars. From a management point of view, these small amount of money adds up together to a huge pile and there are actually tens of thousands of dollars lying around waiting to be collected.

Will blog soon. Been very busy.


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