5 things you should know when dating a bartender

Today has been a rather productive day, i finally head to the gym to do some workout. Have been sick for the past 3 weeks and haven’t been to the gym since then. The past few days has been tough too but im feeling much better now. Still having flu and coughing a lot though. I still have about an hour more before i have to head to work at 10pm till about 3am. So sleepy already. I still have to wake up early tomorrow morning for a photo shoot.

As mentioned in the title, i’ll be writing about my perspective of dating a bartender. Im 23 this year, turning 24 in 26 days time 🙂 Im a fulltime student, working part-time at a nightclub as a bartender. It’s a fun job, you get to meet all sorts of people, fun and outgoing, but it’s never an easy task, it’s tiring, its long hours, it’s hard work. Working as a bartender has its perks as well as downfall, and it can sometimes affect a relationship. Some of it may not apply to you, but like i say it’s from my perspective, my previous experiences. There’s no right or wrong. So here it is…

1. No weekends off

In the hospitality industry, there’s no doubt working on the weekends is a must. It’s long hours of standing, and moving. It’s tiring. You don’t get to hang out with your friends or partner. There’s no such thing as a quality weekend night well spent. It’s annoying. I’ve been working in the food and beverage industry since the age of 15. I can’t remember when was the last time i had a couple of weekends off to go out or even just chill at home. You wont get to spend time with your partner as they will be working. It’s frustrating. You hang out with all your friends at a pub and they are with their partners. The only time you probably get to spend quality time is during weeknight, but then again, there’s always class the next day and you can’t do much. But remember, be patient, set a date, so that both of you can plan ahead and spend some quality time together. Have a meal before your partner goes to work or you can even set a weekly movie date 🙂

2. Bye bye public holidays

Have i mentioned that people working hospitality are very generous people? We sacrificed our weekends and holidays for the masses. It’s annoying yet again. While everyone is off class or work and planning to go have lunch or family dinner or go to the pub, your partner will have to apologize for not being able to attend the gathering. Then again, it’s not their fault, they have work to do, it’s their job. Don’t get annoyed. Never be upset. Understand that this is the industry. Maybe you can go visit her at his or her workplace, im sure they’ll love it 🙂

3. Flirtatious customers

Everyone of us is a customer in our daily life. When you go to the shops, or supermarket or bar, you are a customer. There are really nice customers, especially those that tip 😛 and there are rude customers that are demanding. And of course working in nightclub, they are bound to be customers that try to hit on bartenders. While working, i get customers that try to hit on me, with mostly only 1 objective, to get more alcohol. Don’t worry that they are trying to hit on your boyfriend or girlfriend. They are in a nightclub! There are so many other attractive people around. You think that customers are trying to find true love with a bartender? No way. Trust, is very important. You’ve to trust your partner, are you worried that he or she might give their number to a customer? I have never gave my number away to a customer before cause i had a boyfriend, now that im single, i still won’t do it, cause what for? Im too busy with my homework and all to deal with drunken nuisances.

4. Home dates are the best

This might or might not apply to other bartenders but for me, i really can’t be fcked to go out during my off day, especially to another nightclub or bar. Occasionally, i get a weekend night off, and all i want to do is to stay at home and cuddle. We work in a noisy environment, we stand all the time. The last thing i want to do is to leave my house on a weekend night, stand or dance the whole night in my high heels and listen to loud music again. If you really wanna have drinks, why not just have it at home? It’s cheaper anyway, and you can get wasted and go to bed and sleep straight away, or have sex whatever is in your favour.

5. Being a bartender is a legit job

The last thing, any bartenders want to hear it you saying that it’s a lame job, or a job with no prospect. Just because we’re not doctors or accountants or lawyers doesn’t mean that we’re not having a proper job. We work just as hard as everyone else. Being a bartender is both physically and mentally stress. It’s a fast pace environment. On another note, bartenders are usually more patient in a relationship, i think, cause we are used to dealing with shitheads.

That’s about it. I hope you enjoy my post, and remember, trust and patience is very important in a relationship. Spending less time together doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, nor does it mean that you get to be angry with your partner. I do have my fair share of regrets working in hospitality, my weekdays are for class and weekends are for work, i don’t even get time for myself, let alone my relationship. But nevertheless, i still love my job. Have a good weekend everyone 🙂 x


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