Great experience meeting new people!

Last weekend was amazing, tiring but amazing. I was volunteering for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival on Saturday for both front and back of house. I got to see all the models and some of the designers’ clothing. So pretty, which i could own some of those clothes one day πŸ™‚ Also to walk on the runway with those amazing dresses and gowns. Damn height, why am i so short? Boo. I also joined my first ever modeling audition, didn’t get to the finals but definitely a good experience πŸ™‚

Im really excited today as well. It’s Richmond Street Records label launch party, RSR for short, is a TAFE record label which provides real life hands on experience to the music business, performance and production students to showcase their work. And we are having the party at The Bird. Starting in an hour and a half. So excited πŸ™‚

Also, guess who im met during lunch? Matt Johnson πŸ˜€ He is the director of Walking Horse Music, a music management, publicity, marketing, etc company. He will be my mentor for the rest of the year. Glad to be learning a lot from him. Thanks to Scott Adam, my lecturer for introducing him to me. Im going to write about more stuff i’ve learnt from him. Will update soon. Getting kicked out of the library now πŸ™‚



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