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No-Music Day In Nigeria Is About Copyright Infringement, Piracy, Intellectual Property

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So while looking for some copyright-related news, i came across this very interesting piece of article. Not exactly a piece of news or in the content of Australia but definitely worth checking out. Fun fact: 1st September is No Music Day in Nigeria as declared by the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition. It started in 2009 and Nigeria just celebrated its 6th year of its No Music Day 2 weeks ago. So what happens during that day is all music industry related companies, such as radios and televisions are not allowed to play music for an hour from 9am to 10am. It is to commemorate, and bring attention and awareness about copyright infringement and fighting piracy and rights of music composer, producers, songwriters, publishers and every other aspect of music creators. It is a very serious occasion that the Copyright Society of Nigeria will fly its flags at half-mast.

I never knew there was actually such an event going on, i went to do a couple more research and found out that Scotland has actually “celebrated” No Music Day on the 21st November and it went on from 2005 to 2009. Surprisingly, this No Music Day is totally different from the one in Nigeria. It was introduced as a day to draw attention to how music has been deem cheapened  by the use of the contemporary society. It was first started out by Bill Drummond, a South-African born Scottish musician, artist, song writer and producer and a couple of various organizations in Liverpool. In 2008, No Music Day was promoted in Brazil, and then got introduced to Austria in 2009. If you’re interested you can check out their official website.

Back to the topic of copyright infringement, i personally think that this exercise is pretty reasonable, it does raise awareness, and for the fact that it’s only an hour-long. If this annual event goes on for more than an hour, or a week, or lets say if it happens in Australia or Singapore, i think people would kick up a fuss about it. I talked to a couple of friends about it, both listeners and producers, some says it’s an interesting one, some says they don’t really care as they can get access to their own music, others claim that it doesn’t concern them at all. Maybe this should be a global activity, then again, pardon me for saying this but who really gives a shit, there’s internet.

Australians turning away from music piracy: Spotify


Good news my fellow Aussie mates, apparently Spotify has done a new study, and it has shown that with the rise of  music streaming services, Australians are moving away from illegal downloads. Yay! I guess that’s a good news right? But i don’t think the results are very reliable, judging from a 2500 people survey, to compare to 24 million population Australia wide.  With modern technology and the overpopulation we have, it is impossible to track and stop every single piracy. Let’s all face the fact, that piracy will continue to exist. Music streaming companies are happy with this result obviously, cause they make money, however have we forgotten the perspective of the artist? They get paid hell little when it comes to royalties from music streaming companies, but then again, i guess that’s better than not receiving any royalties from illegal downloads.

Something to think about, im falling sick, caught a cold, and writing this post at Murdoch’s computer lab, gotta go, i’ll post something soon. Ciaos.


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