My first Saturday off in a long time

Its been ages since i got a Saturday night off. And 1/2 of the reason was because it was Jarrah’s 24th birthday, another half is because its Thomas (Jarrah’s cousin) and Ricky’s farewell party. Ended up Jarrah fell sick, and i caught a cold as well. So we are all staying at home today. Boo 😦

It’s been awhile since i last posted, so here’s a couple of things i’ve been up to, photoshoots, class, and work, as usual. Also, i’ve been visiting Kym, my counsellor lately, just to get my head around properly. So i bought a Yamaha HS8H subwoofer for Jarrah for birthday and he loved it. It’s funny how i would spend a fortune on him rather than myself 🙂 But i know it’s worth it. Im planning to get a present for myself too.

Just an update on my life at the moment, things are going fine, that depression thoughts are very mild now so it’s all good. Work is amazing, hoping i can get placed onto the new cocktail bar that’s coming up. Tafe is a little stress at the moment but im looking forward to the 1 week break in a few weeks time. Jarrah and i have been great. Love him so much 🙂 So not keen to go back to Singapore. I have a couple of awesome shoots coming up lately and im really keen for it.

Life’s been great so far. Will update soon, and some music post for my assignment too. Have a pleasant weekend. x


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