I need sleep!

FCKKKK! I was about to publish my post and i accidentally exited the whole page and it didn’t autosave my post. FML. So i have to retype everything again. It’s not my day. Boo 😦 Im just gonna summarize what i wrote before. Im saving a draft for each sentence i type. Fcking piece of shit. GAHHHH! I need sleep. I really do, im so stress with everything. The problem is that there actually isn’t anything for me to stress about but i don’t know why im so stress. Mainly due to my face i think, freaking breakouts.

Class end early today, yay. Went shopping with Zoe and bought myself a moisturizer and facial mask for $86 at Kit. That’s some retail therapy right there. Astrid works there and recommended me and i trust her cause she has really amazing skin. I’ve worked with her twice already for a photoshoot. She’s such an amazing HMUA, love her. Check out her work here, it’s amazing. Jarrah went to the gym with me today as well 😀 Finally. So happy. Im sorry bb for making you upset all the time with the tantrum i throw cause i feel depress and vent it all out to you.

Anyway, there’s no class on Wednesday so im looking forward to sleep in heaps, then assignments again. Boo! Then work at night till Saturday. Busy busy weekend and another shoot on Sunday 🙂

On a happy note, i’ve quite a few achievements recently. I joined my first ever cocktail competition, Mixed it to Fixed it, hosted by Bacardi to raise money for Breast Cancer, and i won 2nd prize! Here’s a picture of me 😀


And in regards to my modelling career, i was involved with a music video last Saturday for a local hip hop crew, Respect The Talent “RTT” and it was fun! Pity i didn’t manage to stay throughout cause of work. Also last week, i was informed that my collaboration with Fuse Photography on Nüwa Reawakening, is gonna be featured in Pingyao International Photography Festival in China next month! Pingyao is China’s longest-running and largest international photo festival. I’ve come a long way and im pretty proud of myself. So here’s a few pictures of me for you to enjoy. Im looking to collaborate with more people before i leave Perth 😦

Collage 2014-08-21 14_02_12

Ok, it’s time for noonies again. Need to wake up at 8am tomorrow. GAHHHHH. Night night.



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