Too tired to even think of a title

Its 1:47am and im lying in bed typing this post. So tired. It’s been a long week. Last Monday to Thursday i had class and was working on Wednesday to Saturday night. Thursday was one of the worst day cause i always go to bed at like 1am or later and then a long day of class at 9.30am to 4.30pm. Then i have to rush to work at 5pm. Then Saturday and Sunday morning i had a shoot organized and basically had less than 8hrs of sleep for that 2 days. And back to class on Monday, and work on that night due to a special function and Wednesday which was last night as well and of course i was late for class again today. And finally got a night off work but stayed up all night to do homework.

Another busy weekend starting tomorrow as i’ve yet to complete 2 major assignments due on Monday and on Sunday I’ve another shoot. My back problems are occurring again. How i wish i can visit the Chinese physician at Ghim Moh. Mummy use to take me there. So good. Especially cause she paid for it too 😛

Nevertheless i had such an amazing week working with some awesome photographers, HMUA and stylist 🙂 will post some pictures soon.

Also. Happy 1 year and 6 months today bb!


Time flies 🙂 i love u!! Gonna go noonies now. See u tomorrow 🙂 x


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