Music 101 – Networking

The weekend has been an exciting one. I was so busy with work and photoshoots. Slept for less than 10 hours in 2 days. I feel like death. I’ll share my stuff on the next post 🙂 meanwhile, i want to talk about networking today. We watch a video this morning in class about effective networking tips and it’s really interesting so you should watch it too 😀

Here are some tips and how to during a networking session. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Volunteer – It’s the most efficient way to meet people! And when i say people, i mean people from the industry, good industry contact. Not only it’ll help you meet people, it’ll also add massive value to your resume. Bonus: you don’t have to pay to go to festivals! 😀

Go out – Go to gigs, meet people, make friends, make contacts! You never know who you’ll get to meet.

Personal brand – My lecturer was emphasizing this morning about personal brand. So what is personal brand? Personal brand is who you are as a person, your character, you confidence level, the things that you do, basically everything. It’s about how you are being perceived to others? Remember that word travel far. There’s a saying, “be nice to others so others would be nice to you”. Similarly, if you’re known to be a hardworking individual in the industry, people would want to work with you. But if you’re often late and misses class, i don’t think many people would want to work with you.

Business card – It might be the 21st century now and everything is digital now but it is still important to have your own business card so that if anyone is interested in contacting you, at least you have something to present to them. Firstly it looks professional, secondly it’s useful. However, don’t go around being all Santa Claus and give out your business card to every single person you know cause they’ll eventually end up in the bin. Always remember, networking is about human interaction, speak to them, be humble, listen, talk about yourself, if they seem interested, you can offer them your business card, or they might ask for it in the first place.

Good communication – This goes both ways, you need to listen. Listen attentively and pay attention, and of course speak for yourself as well, most importantly be humble. No one would want to work with you if you make yourself seems so smart.

Keep your words – When you ask for a favour, make sure you’re able to offer some help to them if needed. And make sure you actually do it. Don’t lie. You know people say that always be nice and don’t expect anything in return? That’s bullshit in the music industry. There’s no reason why someone will help you all the time like giving you their contact or giving you free entry for gigs.

Be likable – Always be nice to people. That’s moral. If you’re a nice person, people will want to be friends with you and help you. If you’re mean to people, selfish and rude. No one will want to work with you.

Follow up – Very important. This is to give the person a little reminder of who you are. Obviously not give them a call the next day straight away, but maybe a couple of days later. Send them an email, or a text or call, ask to catch up or something. Then pitch to them about what you’re after and what help you might need from them. That of course, is if you’re a nice person.

Moral of the story, be a nice person 😀



Scott Adam, Music Business Lecturer at Central Institute of Technology (Leederville)


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