Procrastinating at its finest

The art of procrastination, that’s why im here. Haha 😛 I had a day plan out (as usual), gym after class, head home to cook dinner, eat, have a nice hot shower, then do homework for at least an hour before i allow myself to do random stuff like watching YouTube. But of course, the homework part didn’t exist. Lol 😀

So i got out of the shower, made myself a hot cup of honey water and switch on my laptop. I went onto Facebook (shouldn’t have done that but duhhh), realized that i was halfway deleting my messages this morning, so i went to continue deleting all my messages. Then i realized that my contacts in my phone was messed up so i had to reorganized everything and back everything all up and back it up to my email. Now that im finally done, i feel so tired 😦 my eyes are closing, but i don’t really want to head for bed yet cause it seems like i could stay awake for a couple more hours doing something, and by something i mean nothing, but then again doing nothing is still doing something right? Haha 😀

But hey, at least i got my assignments started and ready for class tomorrow 🙂 It’s all in my Google Drive, oh gosh i love Google Drive. Extremely efficient and useless. I don’t really have to carry around my laptop nowadays cause i can access everything through Google Drive. Now that everything’s organized and neat, i feel happy 😀

On another note, of all the other blogging platform that i’ve used before, WordPress is the most awesomest. I can see who follows me, or liked my post, kinda give me the motivation to keep writing. I want to give credits to Christie too, she’s the one that got me started 🙂 Thank you Christie. She’s an amazing lady. She post really interesting stuff about her travels all around the world! Check out her blog at 🙂

Its been a day only and i miss Jarrah. Haha. Can’t imagine living months without him 🙂


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