Saturday 9th August 2014

I’ve been upset recently, seems like Mr. Depression and Mrs. Anxiety is getting back into me. And Kym, my counsellor hasn’t replied to my email as well 😦 TAFE is still alright, it just feels boring, topic is boring, classmates are alright, it’s just that we don’t really have much in common to talk about. They are nice people and i do like them, hanging out with them during lunch and stuff just that in terms of our favourite genre of music we don’t really have much in common. Apart from that, there’s heaps of individual assignments which is good cause i hate group work, so im hoping to smash that out. Work has been quiet due to winter, it’s picking up though. I also just got notice that my Wednesday shift is gone, sigh. Aunt Irma, Aunt Flo, The Crimson Wave, Shark Week, whatever you call it, is here as well, probably that explains why im so moody and raging. Hopefully she’s leaving soon. Luckily i do have some good friends to talk to. And Jarrah has been really patient with me and that makes me happy 🙂

On another hand, Happy 49th Birthday to Singapore! 😀 It’s our national day today. Judging this young tiny island, im proud to say that we’ve come so far and achieve so much despite being so young compared to other nations. Im in Perth now and im happy to be here too. As the saying goes, “the grass is greener on the other side”. True enough it is for me, however it depends which side you are facing too. There are definitely pros and cons living in different places. Here’s a picture i took when i brought Jarrah to Singapore last July. It was his first trip out of Western Australia 🙂 we were on the Singapore Flyer.


Look how beautiful this is 🙂 Guess what, it’s taken from my Samsung Galaxy S4. Pretty good isn’t it? Such beautiful weather. I miss the sun. Looking forward to summer in a couple of months time. Gotta spend my time wisely here, heading back to Singapore next January.

Updated on 10th August 2014: So i will still be working on Wednesday, i just didnt saw my name on the other bar. Gave me a shock. Guess im too stressed up. Hope all goes well with me.


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