Music 101 – How to book your first gig?

Many musicians dream of be coming big and famous one day, hoping that they would one day take over the stage at some festivals or concert hall. They practice hard, produce good songs, upload to Soundcloud, share with their friends in Facebook, now what? You gotta start performing somewhere live right? So how to book your first gig? Here are some tips that i’ve gathered and thought about. This goes to both bands as well as DJs. I called it the A to Z guideline of booking your first gig ūüėÄ

Ask around. Ask your friends if they can help you get an opening slot, or introduce you to a venue booker.

Be confident! It’s similar to someone turning up for an interview, a confident person will always stand more chance.

Contact the venue. Ask if they have such opportunities, or if you have to go through a booking agent.

Deliver the goods. Make sure you are good enough in the first place even before trying to play live.

Explain. Tell them who you are, what you want to achieve, and why should they give you a chance since you don’t have experience.

Flexibility. Don’t expect the venue to give you a Saturday¬†headlining slot cause you’re only free on weekends. Make time for them.

Go to gigs! Make friends from people in the music industry. You never know if they really like your music and offer you a couple of gigs.

Honesty. Is the best policy. No one would like to work with dishonest people.

Internet is your best friend. Find out everything you need to prepare for your first gig.

Just do it. Do what you gotta do. If the venue booking decides to meet up with you at 7am on a Sunday, do it. Opportunities are hard to come by.

Know your stuff. You don’t wish to be clueless when someone asked you a question¬†about your band and you can’t explain.

Love your music. I don’t think i need a reason for that.

Make a fanpage. Social media is huge nowadays. Share your songs on Facebook. You never know who comes across it and starts listening to you.

Negotiate everything. From time, to dates, to payment. The last thing you want to do is to fight about whose right or wrong.

Open-minded. Stay positive, there are reasons why the venue did not book you. Don’t give up.

Payment. Money is a sensitive issue but it’s never avoidable. Don’t expect them to pay you $500 for an hour set, and don’t expect to play for free too.

Question yourself. Ask yourself why is this important to you? Do you seriously want this?

Research, research and more research! E.g. if the venue provides amps or you have to bring your own? Capacity or the venue, etc.

Sincere. Nothing beats a really humble and sincere person to work with. Simple as that.

Try over and over again. Never give up. One venue doesn’t want you doesn’t mean that other venues wouldn’t give you the chance.

Unity. Especially for bands, you work as team, perform as a team, be successful as a team. You should behave like a family.

Visit the venue. Doubt you wanna¬†step into the club and find out that you’re actually in the wrong scene.

Wait till you’re ready. You don’t really wanna fcked up your first performance because you’re too nervous.

X-factor. Be different, stand out from the crowd. It’s¬†more than just knowing how to use an instrument.

You are not alone. There are many people in the world with the same passion, trying to step into the music world. It takes time. Your time will eventually come.

Zzz. Have enough sleep. Rest well, stay refresh, practice more. Speaking of which, it’s my noonies time as well. So night night.

Hope you enjoy! ūüėÄ




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