Happy days

Last week has been a hectic one. I was at the Beaufort Street Festival fashion committee meeting on Monday, the had work from Wednesday to Saturday. Has a major back workout on Wednesday as well that got my back sore the whole weekend. Pretty good sore though 🙂 Im seeing results after these times that i’ve headed to the gym.

Yesterday i met up with the gorgeous couple, Stanley and Lynn. They were my uni friends. We were even in Curtin Singapore’s brochures! Such model students. Haha 😛 That’s Lynn in the middle, and Stanley on the left. Juwita and Ash on the right are 2 of our good friends too. They were the real model students that were asked by the uni to be photographed, we just took the limelight. Haha. Good ol’ days 🙂


It’s good to catch up with friends once in a while, friends that you know are worth contacting with. Once or twice a year. Not those people who brings you down, or don’t play any significant role in your life. I’ve been deleting “friends” from Facebook, which can actually bring satisfying feelings. It’s weird for me initially because as a social butterfly, i meet so many people outside class, everywhere and anywhere, and of course i rely a lot on Facebook for communication, posting my photos online for people to like, getting the attention which i crave for. I was afraid that people would hate me if i delete them. Then one day i realize, they are not worth it. Probably because im getting old and being more sensible enough to know who my real friends are. Or that i can’t be fcked anymore. Haha. Im having a good day so far, just ate a meat pie 🙂 so yum. Looking forward to the week. Will post something about music soon. Have a good week everyone 🙂


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